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Prepare to have your socks knocked off with this trailblazing app that turns your plain Jane screenshots into snazzy HTML and Tailwind CSS code! Thanks to the brainy combo of GPT-4 Vision and DALL-E 3, web development just got a turbo boost. Not only does it whip up code from your screen grabs, but it also conjures up images that could be the screenshot's long-lost twins. And if that wasn't enough to make you do a happy dance, it can mimic live websites faster than you can say 'clone' just by popping in the URL. Hosted on RepoCloud, your wallet won't have to do a disappearing act to enjoy these magical features!



  • Simplified Web Development
  • Streamline the process of converting design concepts into functional code, bypassing the traditional complexities of manual coding.
  • Advanced AI Integration
  • Leverage the cutting-edge GPT-4 Vision for accurate code generation and DALL-E 3 for creating matching images, enhancing both the development process and the visual appeal of websites.
  • Versatile Output Formats
  • Generate code in multiple frameworks including HTML/Tailwind CSS, React, Bootstrap, and Vue, offering flexibility for various web development projects.
  • Live Website Cloning
  • Extend the application's functionality to clone live websites by entering their URL, facilitating the replication and customization of existing web designs.


  • AI-Powered Code Generation
  • Uses GPT-4 Vision (or Claude 3) to understand design layouts from screenshots and generate corresponding HTML and Tailwind CSS code.
  • Image Generation
  • Incorporates DALL-E 3 to produce images that complement the website’s design, enhancing visual content without extra design effort.
  • Multi-Framework Support
  • Offers flexibility by supporting various frameworks like React, Bootstrap, and Vue, accommodating a wider range of web development needs.
  • URL-to-Code Conversion
  • Allows users to input a URL to clone a live website, streamlining the process of creating similar web presences with ease.