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Embark on a digital odyssey with Remmina, the Swiss Army knife of remote desktop clients! Perfect for the nomadic system admin or the wanderlust-stricken worker bee, this nifty app lets you commandeer computers from afar with the finesse of a cybernetic puppet master. Juggle RDP, VNC, SPICE, and a smorgasbord of other network protocols with ease, all wrapped up in a slick GTK interface that scales from your beefy desktop monitor to your pocket-sized smartphone screen. Dive into the digital depths via http://yourhost:3000/ or surf the secure waves at https://yourhost:3001/. And thanks to its Docker Baseimage KasmVNC heritage, you can tweak the tech to your heart's content, flipping switches on environment variables and run configurations like a DJ of Docker. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be the thrifty tech titan of remote management, saving coins without skimping on capability!



  • Remote Access
  • Remmina provides the ability to access and work on multiple remote computers, making it an ideal tool for system administrators and travellers.
  • Supports Multiple Network Protocols
  • The app supports a variety of network protocols including RDP, VNC, SPICE, NX, XDMCP, SSH and EXEC, offering flexibility and versatility in remote connections.
  • Integrated and Consistent User Interface
  • Remmina offers an integrated and consistent user interface, making it easy to navigate and use, regardless of the network protocol being utilized.


  • Multi-Platform Awareness
  • Remmina utilizes the docker manifest for multi-platform awareness, ensuring the correct image is retrieved for your architecture.
  • Application Setup
  • The application can be accessed at specified host addresses, providing easy setup and access to the application.
  • Environment Variables
  • Remmina allows for the setting of environment variables, providing customization and control over the application's functionality.
  • Lossless Mode
  • The app is capable of delivering a true lossless image at a high framerate to your web browser, providing high-quality remote desktop visuals.