Hold onto your keyboards, folks! Grav, the open-source CMS heavyweight champion, is here to turbocharge your web-building experience. Crowned 'Best Open Source CMS' in 2016 and reigning 'Best Flat File CMS' from 2017 through the roaring 2020s, Grav is the Usain Bolt of website performance, the Swiss Army knife of extensibility, and the Bob Ross of user interfaces. Fancy a CMS that lets you tweak settings like a DJ fiddles with a soundboard? Grav's got you. Want to craft content like Hemingway with a markdown editor? Grav's your huckleberry. And themes? Grav's got more styles than a fashion week runway – all just a click away. But wait, there's more! With Grav's built-in package manager, plugin installation is as easy as pie – and who doesn't love pie? From one-click wonders to content filtering ninjas, dynamic types to babel-like multi-language support, Grav is like a Swiss watchmaker for your digital content. Need to back up or restore? It's simpler than a Sunday morning. Image processing? Grav's got the chops. And theme customization? It's like playing dress-up with your website. Whether you're crafting a digital Mona Lisa or a virtual Times Square, Grav's flexibility and power are your digital dream team. And with RepoCloud hosting, you'll be saving more dough than a budget bakery, all while riding the lightning-fast Grav train. Choo-choo, baby!



  • Fast Performance
  • Grav is not just fast, it's blazing fast. Performance is not an afterthought, it's baked in from the start. This ensures your websites load quickly, providing a superior user experience.
  • Extensible
  • Grav is designed to be flexible and extensible, with a powerful API and sophisticated Package Manager. This means you can easily customize and extend your websites to meet your specific needs.
  • Open Source
  • Grav is an open source project, which means you have complete access to the source code and can modify it to suit your needs. It also means you benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of a global community of developers.
  • Easy to Use
  • The Grav admin plugin provides a simple and intuitive interface, making configuration and content creation easy and enjoyable. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned developer, you'll find Grav a pleasure to use.


  • One-Click Installs
  • Grav's built-in Package Manager allows you to find, install, and easily update extensions and themes with just one click. This makes it easy to add new functionality and change the look and feel of your websites.
  • Powerful Content Filtering
  • Grav allows you to create unlimited taxonomies such as tags, categories, and authors to filter and manage your content. This makes it easy to organize your content and make it accessible to your users.
  • Dynamic Content Types
  • The flat-file nature of Grav lets you define custom fields for any of your pages, including modular content. This gives you the flexibility to create a wide variety of content types.
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Grav includes a simple mechanism for presenting sites in multiple languages. This makes it easy to create multilingual websites that cater to a global audience.
  • Simple Backups and Restores
  • Being file based means backing up and restoring your data is super easy, and changing hosts or servers is a breeze. This gives you peace of mind knowing your data is safe and easily recoverable.
  • Easy Theme Customization
  • With Grav, there's no need to start from scratch when customizing your theme. Use Theme Inheritance and then modify the bits you need, allowing for easier updates and maintenance.