Unleash the power of the written word with BookStack! Imagine a digital library that's as easy to navigate as your favorite fantasy trilogy, but instead of dragons and wizards, it's stocked with your most precious resource: information. This open-source gem is like a personal librarian, eager to organize your content into epic tales (Books), thrilling sagas (Chapters), and captivating narratives (Pages). With a user interface so intuitive, you'll feel like you've been bestowed with ancient knowledge on how to create, edit, and manage content. Hunt down specifics with a search feature more powerful than a sorcerer's scrying spell, and link to paragraphs with the precision of an elven archer. Customize your BookStack kingdom with your own heraldry, and draw diagrams that would make Da Vinci envious, all while scribing in markdown like a modern-day Shakespeare. Choose from the light side or dare to delve into the dark mode, and rest easy knowing your fortress of information is guarded by a robust role and permission system, complete with multi-factor authentication spells. Hosted on RepoCloud, your BookStack will be more cost-efficient than a dwarf's treasure hoard. So why wait? Start your own legend with BookStack on RepoCloud, where every chapter is an adventure and every page a discovery!



  • Organised Information Storage
  • BookStack is a simple, self-hosted platform that allows you to organise and store information in a structured manner. It breaks down content into three real-world groups: Books, Chapters, and Pages, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need.
  • Searchable and Connected Content
  • The content in BookStack is fully searchable, allowing you to find information quickly and efficiently. You can search at the book level or across all books, chapters, and pages. Plus, the ability to link directly to any paragraph keeps your documentation connected.
  • Customisable to Suit Your Needs
  • BookStack is highly configurable, allowing you to set it up to suit your specific use case. You can change the name, logo, and registration options, and decide whether the whole system is publicly viewable or not.
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • BookStack supports multiple languages, allowing users to set their preferred language. This makes it a versatile tool for global teams and organisations.


  • Easy, Simple Interface
  • BookStack has been designed with simplicity in mind. The page editor features a straightforward WYSIWYG interface, making it easy for anyone to use.
  • Built-In
  • The page editor within BookStack has a built-in drawing capability, allowing for the quick and easy creation of diagrams within your documentation.
  • Optional Markdown Editor
  • If you prefer to write in Markdown, BookStack supports you. A markdown editor is provided, complete with a live-preview as you write your documentation.
  • Integrated Authentication
  • BookStack supports various login methods, including default email/password and social providers such as GitHub, Google, Slack, AzureAD and more. Enterprise environments can utilise Okta, SAML2 and LDAP options.
  • Powerful Features
  • BookStack comes packed with powerful features like cross-book sorting, page revisions, image management, and a full role and permission system to lock down content and actions as required.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • For enhanced security, BookStack has built-in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which can be enforced at a per-role level. MFA options include TOTP (Google/Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc.) and static backup codes.
  • Dark & Light Modes
  • BookStack provides its user interface in both a light theme and a dark theme, catering to individual user preferences. This is configurable at a user level.