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Unleash the data whisperer within you with Metabase, the app that's so user-friendly, it practically winks at you as you fire up those analytics. Imagine going from data dud to dashboard dynamo in a mere 120 seconds – that's Metabase for you! Connect with a smorgasbord of over 20 data sources, ranging from your scrappy startup's database to the behemoth data warehouses, and start querying like there's no tomorrow, no extracts required. Join the cool club of 50,000+ companies who trust Metabase to turn their data into a storytelling powerhouse. Whether you're a penny-pinching startup or a cash-flush enterprise, there's a Metabase plan with your name on it, from the unbeatable price of free to the swanky Pro and Enterprise tiers. Wave goodbye to the SQL blues with Metabase's Visual Query Builder, and craft dashboards so interactive, they might just ask you how your day was. All aboard the self-service analytics express, where simplicity meets sophistication, and all your data dreams come true. And remember, when you host with RepoCloud, you're not just saving pennies, you're making sense (and cents) out of your data!



  • Fast Analytics
  • This app provides fast analytics with a friendly user experience and integrated tooling. It allows your company to explore data on their own, going from zero to dashboard in just 2 minutes.
  • Trusted by Thousands
  • This app is trusted by over 50,000 companies. It can be up and running in no time, providing immediate access to data without the need for extracts.
  • Accessible to All
  • From the free open-source tier to the powerful pay-as-you-go Pro plan all the way to Enterprise, this app is accessible to all, catering to different needs and budgets.
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • This app makes self-service analytics finally happen. It frees your data from the confines of SQL, allowing everyone to query in a user interface that humans actually love.


  • Visual Query Builder
  • This app features a Visual Query Builder that lets users easily create and share interactive dashboards, from TB-scale analytical workloads to day-to-day operational workflows, with 15+ visualization types.
  • Models
  • This app allows users to craft metadata-rich, semantic models which let people query on their own, keeping things consistent and avoiding repetition. All of this can be done with a single tab open and no CLI needed.
  • Direct Connection to Data Sources
  • This app can connect directly to any of 20+ data sources, from your startup’s production DB to massive data warehouses.
  • Embedded Analytics
  • This app allows for customer facing analytics in days, not sprints. You can power your product’s reporting by embedding charts, dashboards or all of the app.