Get ready to turbocharge your teamwork with Nextcloud Hub 5, the Swiss Army knife of collaboration! This all-in-one marvel bundles up Nextcloud's fantastic four: Files, Talk, Groupware, and Office, into one sleek package that's smoother than a buttered-up otter sliding down a rainbow. With Nextcloud Files, you'll wield the power of Universal File Access, syncing your data across all devices while keeping it as private as a secret handshake. No sneaky data leaks here – you're the boss of your bytes! Whether you're setting up shop on-premises or floating on a cloud, this platform is as customizable as your grandma's lasagna recipe and scalable like your favorite influencer's follower count. Perfect for governments, giant enterprises, or the classroom down the hall, Nextcloud is the go-to for millions who want to collaborate without compromise. And with RepoCloud hosting, you'll save enough to treat your team to pizza – with extra toppings, of course!



  • Regain Control Over Your Data
  • Nextcloud Hub 5 allows you to regain control over your data, ensuring no data leaks to third parties. It offers a secure platform for data storage and collaboration.
  • Remote Collaboration Made Easy
  • Nextcloud Hub 5 is designed to facilitate remote collaboration. It integrates key Nextcloud products into a single platform, optimizing the flow of collaboration.
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • Nextcloud Hub 5 is customizable and scalable. It can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud, making it a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes.


  • Nextcloud Files
  • Nextcloud Files offers an on-premise Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile, and web interfaces.
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Nextcloud Talk is a feature of Nextcloud Hub 5 that facilitates communication and collaboration within the platform.
  • Nextcloud Groupware
  • Nextcloud Groupware is a suite of tools integrated into Nextcloud Hub 5, designed to enhance productivity and collaboration.
  • Nextcloud Office
  • Nextcloud Office is a part of Nextcloud Hub 5, providing users with a suite of office tools for document editing, spreadsheet management, and more.