Meet IDURAR, the Swiss Army knife of ERP/CRM solutions, but without the risk of accidentally stabbing yourself. Imagine having the power of Invoice, Inventory, Accounting, and HR management all in one place, and no, you don’t need to summon Captain Planet to do it. Built on the MERN stack (which sounds like a superhero team but is actually just a really cool tech stack), IDURAR uses Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and React.js to make your business life smoother than a jazz saxophone solo. With Ant Design (AntD) and Redux, it’s like having a personal assistant who never takes coffee breaks. So, why settle for juggling multiple SaaS apps when you can have IDURAR do the heavy lifting for you? Deploy it with one click and watch as your productivity skyrockets faster than a caffeine-fueled developer on a Monday morning!



  • Free Commercial Use
  • IDURAR can be used for free for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • Data, Your Way
  • Built using modern and robust technologies like Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and React.js.


  • Invoice Management
  • Manage invoices efficiently using built-in tools.
  • Inventory Management
  • Track and manage inventory seamlessly.
  • Accounting Management
  • Oversee financial data and streamline accounting processes.
  • HR Management
  • Administer human resources and employee data effectively.
  • Ant Design Framework (AntD)
  • Leverage the comprehensive and highly customizable AntD framework for a better user experience.
  • MERN Stack Integration
  • Harness the power of the advanced MERN stack for a versatile, high-performing platform.