Ever wished your chatbot could be as witty as your favorite stand-up comedian, but with the knowledge of a seasoned librarian? Meet Dialoqbase, the open-source wizard that turns your chatbot dreams into reality! With Dialoqbase, you can craft custom chatbots that not only understand your every whim but also respond with the precision of a seasoned Jeopardy champion. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s read every book in the library and can still crack a joke at the right moment. Thanks to its advanced language models and PostgreSQL-powered brain, your chatbot will be so context-aware, it might just start reminding you of your own schedule! Say goodbye to boring, robotic responses and hello to a chatbot that’s as sharp as it is helpful. Deploy it with one click on RepoCloud.io and watch your chatbot become the life of the (virtual) party, all for half the price of those big-name cloud hosts. Your users will thank you, and your wallet will too!



  • Custom Chatbots
  • Easily create chatbots tailored to your specific needs using your own knowledge base.
  • Advanced Responses
  • Generate accurate and context-aware responses with powerful language models.
  • Efficient Storage and Search
  • Utilize PostgreSQL for efficient vector search operations and robust storage of your knowledge base.


  • Custom Chatbot Creation
  • Create custom chatbots with your own knowledge base.
  • Powerful Language Models
  • Utilize advanced language models to generate responses.
  • PostgreSQL Integration
  • Use PostgreSQL for vector search and storing the knowledge base.
  • Flexible Model Usage
  • Use any language models or embedding models you want.