Ever wanted to feel like you're in a smoky tavern, spinning tales of dragons and daring deeds, but without the actual smoke or the risk of a bar fight? Enter TavernAI, the ultimate atmospheric frontend for all your chat and storywriting needs! Compatible with a plethora of backends, it's like having a magical quill that never runs out of ink. Whether you're crafting epic sagas or just chatting with your imaginary friends (we don't judge), TavernAI turns your mundane typing into a legendary experience. So, grab your virtual tankard, sit by the pixelated hearth, and let the stories flow—minus the hangover!



  • Character Creation
  • Easily create and customize your own characters.
  • Online Character Database
  • Access a vast online database of characters for diverse interactions.
  • Group Chat
  • Engage in conversations with multiple characters simultaneously.
  • Story Mode
  • Immerse yourself in detailed and engaging storywriting sessions.
  • World Info
  • Enhance your stories with rich world information and lore.


  • Message Swiping
  • Swipe through messages for a seamless chat experience.
  • Configurable Generation Settings
  • Adjust generation settings to suit your preferences.
  • Configurable Interface Themes
  • Customize the interface with various themes, including one resembling CharacterAI.
  • Configurable Backgrounds
  • Choose from beautiful default backgrounds to personalize your experience.
  • Message Editing
  • Edit, delete, and move any message to maintain the flow of conversation.
  • Picture Recognition
  • Utilize GPT-4.5 and Claude for advanced picture recognition capabilities.