Ever wished your search engine had the brainpower of a supercomputer but the charm of a quirky sidekick? Meet our open-source AI-powered search engine, the Perplexity Clone! It's like having a genius librarian who’s also a stand-up comedian, ready to fetch you the most relevant results while cracking a joke or two. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to instant answers that make you chuckle. Perfect for those who want to find information faster than a caffeine-fueled coder at 3 AM, this search engine is your new best friend in the quest for knowledge. And the best part? It’s open-source, so you can tweak it to your heart’s content and make it even more delightful. Who knew searching for answers could be this much fun?



  • Local and Cloud Model Integration
  • Run your local LLM (llama3, gemma, mistral) or use cloud models (Groq/Llama3, OpenAI/gpt4-o) for flexible and scalable search capabilities.
  • Modern Tech Stack
  • Built with a robust tech stack including Next.js for the frontend, FastAPI for the backend, and shadcn/ui for component management, ensuring a responsive and efficient user experience.
  • Efficient Logging and Rate Limiting
  • Utilize Logfire for comprehensive logging and Redis for effective rate limiting to maintain system integrity and performance.


  • Local LLM Support
  • Seamlessly integrate and run local large language models like llama3, gemma, and mistral.
  • Cloud Model Accessibility
  • Access and utilize cloud-based models such as Groq/Llama3 and OpenAI/gpt4-o for enhanced search capabilities.
  • Next.js Frontend
  • Responsive and interactive user interface developed with Next.js.
  • FastAPI Backend
  • High-performance backend built with FastAPI for efficient request handling.
  • Tavily Search API
  • Advanced search functionalities powered by the Tavily Search API.
  • Logfire Logging
  • Comprehensive logging solution using Logfire for monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Redis Rate Limiting
  • Effective rate limiting using Redis to ensure fair usage and system stability.
  • shadcn/ui Components
  • Utilize shadcn/ui for a cohesive and maintainable component library.