Ever wished your documents could talk back to you? Meet AnythingLLM, the chatty AI app that turns your boring docs into lively conversationalists! Imagine having a hyper-configurable, multi-user AI assistant that not only reads your mind but also your documents, resources, and even that obscure PDF you forgot about. No more pulling your hair out over frustrating setups—this full-stack marvel is ready to roll with just one click. It's like having a team of AI agents at your beck and call, turning every piece of content into a fountain of wisdom. So, why settle for a silent SaaS when you can have a chatty, sassy, and super-smart AnythingLLM? Get ready to chat with your docs like never before!



  • Versatile LLM Integration
  • Choose from commercial off-the-shelf LLMs or popular open-source LLMs and vectorDB solutions to build a private ChatGPT with no compromises.
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Run locally or host remotely, enabling intelligent chats with any documents you provide.
  • Efficient Cost Management
  • Extremely efficient cost-saving measures for managing large documents, up to 90% more cost-effective than other document chatbot solutions.
  • User-Friendly Management
  • Simple UI for managing documents in your vector database and supports multiple document types including PDF, TXT, and DOCX.


  • Multi-user Support
  • Supports multi-user instances with permissioning.
  • Workspace Agents
  • Agents can browse the web, run code, and more within your workspace.
  • Custom Chat Widget
  • Embed a custom chat widget on your website.
  • Two Chat Modes
  • Offers conversation mode that retains previous interactions and a query mode for simple Q&A.
  • In-chat Citations
  • Provides citations directly within the chat for easy reference.
  • Cloud Deployment Ready
  • Fully ready for cloud deployment.
  • Bring Your Own LLM
  • Flexibility to use your preferred LLM.
  • Developer API
  • Full developer API available for custom integrations.