GPT Researcher

Ever wish you had a research assistant who never sleeps, never complains, and never gets distracted by cat videos? Meet GPT Researcher, your new best friend in the world of online research! This autonomous agent is like the Sherlock Holmes of the internet, minus the pipe and the questionable fashion choices. It dives into the depths of the web to fetch you detailed, factual, and unbiased research reports faster than you can say 'Ctrl+F.' With customization options that let you focus on relevant resources, outlines, and lessons, it's like having a personal librarian who actually knows what they're doing. Inspired by the latest and greatest in AI research, GPT Researcher tackles speed, determinism, and reliability with the grace of a caffeinated cheetah. So, why settle for endless scrolling and dubious sources when you can have a research sidekick that makes even Watson look like an amateur?



  • Accurate Information
  • Empower individuals and organizations with accurate, unbiased, and factual information by leveraging the power of AI.
  • Customizable Reports
  • Generate tailored research reports, outlines, resources, and lessons according to user needs.
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Experience stable and fast research operations through parallelized agent work.


  • Comprehensive Research Generation
  • Generate research, outlines, resources, and lessons reports using local documents and web sources.
  • Detailed Reports
  • Can generate long and detailed research reports exceeding 2,000 words.
  • Extensive Source Aggregation
  • Aggregates information from over 20 web sources per research to form objective and factual conclusions.
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Includes an easy-to-use web interface built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Web Scraping
  • Scrapes web sources with JavaScript support for more comprehensive data collection.
  • Source Tracking
  • Keeps track and context of visited and used web sources for consistency and reliability.
  • Export Options
  • Export research reports to PDF, Word, and other formats for convenience.