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Rev up your engines and say goodbye to crumpled receipts and 'who drove last' debates with Hammond – the self-hosted, vehicular wizard that turns managing your motorized chariots into a joyride. Perfect for families playing musical cars, businesses with fleets, or any group that shares the rubber-wheeled love, Hammond lets you track your fuel-ups and cash outflows with the ease of a Sunday drive. Multiple users? Check. Multiple vehicles? Double check. Attachments like a photo of that gas station receipt? Snap and store! Quick entries faster than a pit stop? You got it. And for the data-driven roadsters, vehicle-level and overarching reports keep your budget on track like a GPS. Migrating from Clarkson or Fuelly? It's smoother than a fresh coat of wax. So buckle up, and let Hammond handle the numbers while you enjoy the ride, all while saving some serious coin on hosting with RepoCloud.



  • Self-Hosted Vehicle Expense Tracking
  • Hammond is a self-hosted vehicle expense tracking system. It allows you to keep track of fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles in one place.
  • Support for Multiple Users
  • The app supports multiple users sharing multiple vehicles. This makes it ideal for families or businesses with a fleet of vehicles.
  • Data Migration
  • Hammond allows you to migrate data from Clarkson, making it easy to switch over without losing any of your previous data.


  • Vehicle Management
  • Add and manage multiple vehicles, tracking fuel and other expenses for each one.
  • User Management
  • Add and manage multiple users, allowing them to share vehicles and track expenses.
  • Expense Tracking
  • Keep track of fuel and other expenses related to your vehicles. You can even save attachments against vehicles for easy reference.
  • Quick Entries
  • Take a photo of a receipt or pump screen to make an entry later, ensuring you never forget to log an expense.
  • Reporting
  • Get vehicle level and overall reporting on your expenses, helping you to better understand your spending.
  • Import from Fuelly
  • Easily import your data from Fuelly, with more apps coming soon.