Meet Perplexica, the brainy AI search engine that doesn't just find answers; it practically reads your mind! Powered by the wizardry of advanced machine learning, Perplexica digs through the digital universe to fetch not just any answers, but the most relevant, crystal-clear responses, all while keeping your privacy under lock and key. And thanks to its SearxNG roots, you're always riding the wave of the latest info. Hosted on RepoCloud, Perplexica offers all this brilliance at a wallet-friendly price. Who knew being nosy could be so efficient and private?



  • Open Source and Private
  • Ensures the protection of your privacy by being fully open-source and not tracking your search history.
  • Advanced Searching Capabilities
  • Uses sophisticated AI techniques like similarity search and embeddings to improve the accuracy and relevance of search results.
  • Real-Time Information
  • Leverages SearxNG to offer the most current information by re-ranking sources to ensure relevance and timeliness without the need for frequent updates.


  • Local LLMs Integration
  • Supports integration with local LLMs such as Llama3 and Mixtral through Ollama, enhancing search capabilities.
  • Copilot Mode
  • Enhances search effectiveness by generating various queries to locate more pertinent internet sources, actively pulling data from top matches.
  • Normal Mode
  • Processes queries using a traditional web search methodology, ensuring comprehensive search results.
  • Focus Modes
  • Offers specialized modes for different needs, including general web, academic, YouTube, Wolfram Alpha calculations, and Reddit discussions.
  • Up-to-date Information
  • Uses a metasearch engine approach with SearxNG to pull the latest results directly, avoiding outdated information common in traditional search engines.