Meet OpenDevin, the open-source cousin of Devin, the AI whiz who codes like a boss! This project is all about taking Devin's jaw-dropping, automated coding prowess and giving it a community-powered turbo boost. Imagine a world where Devin not only writes code but also collaborates on projects, brainstorming with human buddies to push the boundaries of software engineering. OpenDevin is that world, and thanks to RepoCloud's wallet-friendly hosting, your journey into AI-assisted coding excellence is just a click away. Get ready to innovate, iterate, and dominate the digital landscape with OpenDevin at your side!



  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Facilitates active collaboration between AI agents and human users in software development projects, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Cutting-edge Development
  • Employs a combination of advanced tools such as a shell, code editor, and web browser to navigate the complexities of software engineering.
  • Open-source Innovation
  • Leverages the collective intelligence of the open-source community to push the boundaries of what's possible with autonomous AI agents in software development.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • A developing interface featuring a chat interface, a shell for demonstrating commands, and an integrated web browser for comprehensive interaction.
  • Stable Agent Framework
  • A robust backend architecture that enables the agent to read, write, and execute simple commands, laying the groundwork for more complex operations.
  • Enhanced Agent Capabilities
  • Improvements in the agent's abilities to generate bash scripts, run tests, and carry out various software engineering tasks effectively.
  • Evaluation Pipeline
  • A minimal yet consistent evaluation pipeline that aligns with Devin's evaluation criteria, ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of the agent.