Unleash the power of chuckles and customer service with FreeScout, the open-source superhero in the world of help desks and shared inboxes. Imagine Zendesk and Help Scout had a baby, and it decided to move out and live on its own server – that's FreeScout for you! With the freedom to manage your customer support kingdom without the prying eyes of SaaS landlords, FreeScout is like a Swiss Army knife that's eaten its spinach – strong, versatile, and ready for action. Handle an army of support agents, a flood of tickets, and a symphony of mailboxes with ease. It's like having an inbox that does yoga – flexible, integrated with emails, and can bend over backward with automatic replies, internal whispers (oops, we mean notes), and conversation acrobatics like merging and forwarding. Mobile-friendly? Check. Multilingual? Oui, sí, да! It's got more bells and whistles than a one-man band, with push notifications, starred convos, and a sixth sense for collision detection. And talk about playing well with others – it integrates with your favorite crew: Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram. Need to track time, customize fields, or chat live? FreeScout's got your back. It's the Robin Hood of help desks, delivering professional customer support without the princely sum. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll save enough to throw a party for your support agents – or at least buy them a pizza!



  • Cost-Effective Customer Support Solution
  • FreeScout is a free, open-source help desk and shared inbox solution that provides a cost-effective alternative to paid services like Zendesk and Help Scout. It allows businesses to offer professional customer support without incurring high costs.
  • Privacy and Control
  • As a self-hosted solution, FreeScout gives you complete control over your data and operations. It ensures your privacy and prevents you from being locked into a service you don't control.
  • Unlimited Support Agents and Tickets
  • FreeScout does not limit the number of support agents, tickets, or mailboxes you can have. This allows for scalability and flexibility in managing your customer support.


  • Multilingual Support
  • FreeScout supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for businesses with a global customer base.
  • Seamless Email Integration
  • FreeScout integrates seamlessly with your email, ensuring smooth communication with customers.
  • Advanced Conversation Management
  • FreeScout allows for advanced conversation management, including starred conversations, auto replies, internal notes, forwarding and merging conversations, and more.
  • Real-Time Reports
  • FreeScout provides real-time reports, helping you monitor and improve your customer support performance.
  • Integration with Various Platforms
  • FreeScout can be integrated with various platforms, including Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, for efficient communication and support.
  • Knowledge Base and Live Chat
  • FreeScout includes a knowledge base for self-service support and a live chat feature for real-time assistance.
  • Custom Fields and White-Labeling
  • FreeScout allows for customization with custom fields and white-labeling, enabling you to tailor the tool to your business needs.