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AutoGen Studio

Get ready to turbocharge your AI prototypes with AutoGen Studio! This nifty tool is like a Swiss Army knife for AI development, letting you soup-up your digital agents with an array of skills faster than a coder on caffeine. Picture this: a sleek, intuitive interface where you can mix and match agent abilities like a DJ with beats, crafting workflows that groove together seamlessly. And the best part? It's all happening on RepoCloud, where the hosting fees are so low, you'll think we made a typo. AutoGen Studio: where AI meets DIY, and your projects come to life without breaking the bank.



  • Rapid Prototyping of AI Agents
  • Enables quick building and configuration of AI agents, accelerating the development process.
  • Enhanced Agent Customization
  • Provides options to modify agent configurations such as skills, temperature, and models, allowing for tailored agent performance.
  • Interactive Workflow Composition
  • Supports the composition of agents into workflows, facilitating complex task execution and interaction.
  • Real-time Interaction and Feedback
  • Offers a platform to chat with agents, view their messages and outputs, enhancing user-agent interaction.
  • Continuous Improvement and Expansion
  • Future updates aim to support more complex workflows and improve user experience with features like streaming model outputs and better response summarization.


  • Agent Configuration and Workflow Building
  • Supports building and configuring agents with customizable options such as skills and model parameters, and composing them into workflows.
  • Interactive Agent Sessions
  • Enables users to interact with AI agents, specify tasks, and view agent messages and output files directly in the UI.
  • Gallery for Interaction Sessions
  • Allows users to add and review interaction sessions in a gallery, facilitating easy access and management of past interactions.
  • Advanced Workflow Support
  • Plans to include support for more complex agent workflows, such as GroupChat, enhancing the application's versatility.
  • User Experience Enhancements
  • Future updates will focus on improving the user experience, including streaming intermediate model outputs and optimizing agent response summarization.