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Meet Plausible: the featherweight champion of web analytics! This open-source ninja sneaks in as the privacy-loving, cookie-hating alternative to the heavyweight Google Analytics. Imagine getting the lowdown on your website's traffic without wading through a swamp of menus or brewing custom reports. Plausible is like that one-page wonder book for your site's stats – clear, concise, and no magnifying glass needed. It's so light, at 45 times smaller than Google Analytics, your site will be sprinting like it's on a caffeine buzz, all while planting trees in the digital forest for a greener web. EU-based data processing? Check. Anonymous stats? Double-check. And when it comes to features, Plausible's got the goods: track your high-fives (goal conversions), count your treasure (revenue), map out your fan club (audience segments), and spy on where the fan mail comes from (referral sources). Want to flaunt your numbers or keep them under wraps? Your call. Bring your squad on board, or migrate your Google Analytics history like you're time-traveling. Hosting on RepoCloud? That's the cherry on top – think lower costs and more laughs. Plausible is the go-to gadget for savvy webmasters who play it cool and privacy-first.



  • Simple and Intuitive Analytics
  • Plausible provides a simple and intuitive alternative to Google Analytics. It cuts through the noise, providing all essential insights on one page in one minute. There's no need for custom reports or dashboards, making it easy to understand your site traffic.
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • With a script 45 times smaller than Google Analytics, Plausible is a lightweight solution that helps your site load faster. By switching to Plausible, a site with 10,000 monthly visitors can save 4.5 kg of CO2 emissions per year, contributing to a greener and more sustainable web.
  • Privacy-Friendly
  • Plausible respects the privacy of your site visitors. It operates without cookies and does not collect personal data. All site measurement is carried out anonymously, with no cross-site or cross-device tracking. Your site data is exclusively processed with servers owned and operated by European companies and never leaves the EU.
  • Open Source and Transparent
  • Plausible is an open source web analytics tool. Its source code is accessible on GitHub, allowing anyone to inspect and review it. This transparency ensures that Plausible's actions match its words.


  • Goal Conversions, Revenue and Campaigns Tracking
  • Plausible allows you to segment your audience by any metric you click on. It helps answer important questions about your visitors, content, and referral sources. You can analyze paid campaigns using UTM parameters, track ecommerce revenue, outbound link clicks, file downloads, and 404 error pages. It also allows you to create custom events with custom dimensions to track conversions and attribution.
  • Dashboard Sharing
  • With Plausible, you can share your stats privately by generating a secure link, or make them public for transparency. You can also invite team members and assign user roles, making collaboration easy.
  • Smooth Transition from Universal Analytics
  • Plausible offers a real-time dashboard, entry pages report, and integration with Search Console. It allows you to track your paid campaigns and conversions, invite team members, and even import your historical stats, ensuring a smooth transition from Universal Analytics.