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Get ready to rock your socks off with Navidrome, the jukebox hero of the open-source world! This nifty app turns your browser into a concert hall, letting you jam out to your favorite tunes from any corner of the globe. Whether you're an Apple aficionado or an Android enthusiast, Navidrome's got your back with a plethora of compatible mobile apps. It's sleeker than a greased weasel, zipping along even on your grandma's old tablet, and it's smart enough to squish those music files down to size, saving your precious data for more important things (like cat videos). Crafted with the latest tech wizardry, including GoLang's lightning speed, ReactJS's cool moves, and Material-UI's snazzy threads, Navidrome is always in tune with the times. Plus, it's cozy with the Music API standard, so it plays well with others. And with updates dropping faster than bass at a dubstep concert, you'll never miss a beat. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be headbanging to the sweet sounds of savings in no time!



  • Personal Streaming Service
  • Navidrome allows you to enjoy your music collection from anywhere, making it available through a modern Web UI and a wide range of third-party compatible mobile apps, for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Access Your Music From Anywhere
  • Choose from a large selection of mobile clients or use the integrated web player to access your music from anywhere.
  • Handles Large Libraries
  • Navidrome plays well with gigantic music collections, tested with ~900K songs - 2/3 FLAC, 1/3 MP3.
  • Transcoding on the Fly
  • Navidrome converts/reduces your music files as you play them, so you don’t nuke your data plan.


  • Blazing Fast
  • Navidrome is lightweight, fast and self-contained. It runs well even on resource-limited platforms.
  • Modern and Up-to-Date
  • Navidrome is built with new technologies to ensure modern features and compatibility.
  • Subsonic API Compatible
  • Navidrome is compatible with the de facto standard Music API, supporting all its clients and ecosystem.
  • Active Project
  • Navidrome has new releases on a regular basis, adding features and bug fixes.