Get ready to turbocharge your email campaigns with Listmonk – the self-hosted newsletter ninja that laughs in the face of multi-million subscriber lists! Imagine a world where you can customize your subscriber's journey with the finesse of a JSON jedi, and segment your audience with the precision of an SQL sniper. With Listmonk, you'll be importing bulks of contacts faster than a speeding bullet, all while cozying up with your favorite external CRMs. And when it's time to whisper sweet nothings (or shout loud somethings) to your subscribers, Listmonk's API is your trusty sidekick, delivering transactional messages through email, SMS, or even Whatsapp with the ease of a Messenger maestro. But wait, there's more! Unleash your inner artist with dynamic email templates and a media manager that's ready to roll out the red carpet for your images. And because we're all about that open-source life, you can enjoy this high-octane, low-footprint powerhouse on RepoCloud, where the only thing thinner than the CPU usage is the cost. So why settle for less when you can Listmonk your way to the top?



  • High Performance
  • Listmonk is a high-performance mailing list and newsletter manager that can handle millions of subscribers with ease. It is designed to be efficient and fast, ensuring that your campaigns reach your audience quickly and effectively.
  • Customizable
  • With Listmonk, you have the power to customize your newsletters to your liking. It supports powerful, dynamic email templates with the Go templating language, allowing you to create unique and engaging content for your subscribers.
  • Privacy Focused
  • Listmonk respects the privacy of your subscribers. It allows subscribers to permanently blocklist themselves, export all their data, and to wipe all their data in a single click, ensuring that their privacy is always protected.


  • Mailing Lists Management
  • Manage millions of subscribers across many single and double opt-in lists with custom JSON attributes for each subscriber. Query and segment subscribers with SQL expressions.
  • Transactional Mails
  • Listmonk provides a simple API to send arbitrary transactional messages to subscribers using pre-defined templates. Send messages as e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp messages or any medium via Messenger interfaces.
  • Analytics
  • Listmonk comes with simple analytics and visualizations. Connect external visualization programs to the database easily with the simple table structure.
  • Templating
  • Create powerful, dynamic e-mail templates with the Go templating language. Use template expressions, logic, and 100+ functions in subject lines and content.
  • Performance
  • Listmonk is designed for high performance. It is multi-threaded, high-throughput, multi-SMTP email queues. It has throughput and sliding window rate limiting for fine grained control.
  • Media Management
  • Use the media manager to upload images for e-mail campaigns on the server's filesystem, Amazon S3, or any S3 compatible (Minio) backend.
  • Extensibility
  • More than just e-mail campaigns. Connect HTTP webhooks to send SMS, Whatsapp, FCM notifications, or any type of messages.