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Wave goodbye to the never-ending email ping-pong match and say hello to Rallly, the open-source superhero that transforms the chaos of scheduling into a walk in the park. This nifty little app is your golden ticket to creating polls for meeting times faster than a speeding bullet, ensuring that everyone's on the same page without a single wrinkle in your calendar. With Rallly, you're not just organizing meetings, you're orchestrating symphonies of punctuality in multiple languages, no less! Join the league of 45k+ maestros who've already crafted over 100k+ masterpieces of meeting polls. Whether you're the gatekeeper of an executive's agenda or the mastermind behind the next neighborhood block party, Rallly's got your back, keeping your RSVPs as neat as a pin and your scheduling smoother than a buttered slide. Hosted on RepoCloud, you'll be saving more dough than a budget bakery, all while basking in the glory of open-source camaraderie.



  • Efficient Scheduling
  • Rallly is designed to streamline your scheduling process, saving you time and reducing the stress of back-and-forth emails. It simplifies your scheduling tasks, making your workday more organized and less stressful.
  • Easy Poll Creation
  • With Rallly, you can set up a scheduling poll in as little time as possible. It's a simple and efficient way to find a time that works for everyone.
  • Multi-language Support
  • Rallly supports 10+ languages, making it accessible to users around the world. It's a tool that transcends language barriers, making scheduling meetings a breeze no matter where you are.


  • Meeting Polls
  • Rallly allows you to create meeting polls to help schedule meetings with groups of people. The host of the meeting can select a few date and time options for participants to choose from, and then tally the results to find the best time.
  • No Login Required
  • Rallly is free to use and does not require a login. This means you can create as many polls as you want without the hassle of signing in.
  • User-Funded
  • Rallly is a user-funded project. This means it relies on the generosity of its users to keep it free and open-source.