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Introducing ToolJet, the superhero of low-code frameworks that's here to rescue you from the clutches of complex app development! Imagine a world where deploying bespoke internal tools is as easy as pie – that's ToolJet's universe. It boasts its own sidekick, ToolJet DB, a database dynamo powered by PostgreSQL prowess. But wait, there's more! ToolJet isn't just a one-database wonder; it's a social butterfly, mingling with a host of external data pals like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and the cloud elite – AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage, to name a few. Want to chat with APIs or flirt with SaaS sweethearts like Airtable and Stripe? ToolJet's your wingman. It'll schmooze with data sources, run queries to fetch and update your data, and let you strut your stuff with snazzy UI widgets. Tables, charts, forms – you name it, ToolJet turns them into a visual fiesta. And for the code-savvy, it's got a secret weapon: the power to wield Javascript or Python to craft business logic or jazz up the user interface. Ready to build apps that are the toast of the town? Just triad your way to triumph: connect, query, and create with the visual App Builder. ToolJet links arms with data, queries, and components, transforming your business logic into the custom apps of your dreams. And the cherry on top? Hosting on RepoCloud means you'll save a bundle while basking in the glory of open-source camaraderie. So why wait? Let ToolJet and RepoCloud launch your projects to stardom!



  • Build custom internal tools
  • ToolJet is a low-code framework that allows you to build and deploy custom internal tools for your organization. You can create apps to manage orders, update inventory, track revenue, and more.
  • Connect to various data sources
  • ToolJet allows you to connect to various data sources such as databases, API endpoints, SaaS tools, and cloud object storage services. You can fetch and update data from these sources to power your apps.
  • Visualize and modify data
  • With ToolJet, you can visualize and modify data using UI widgets like tables, charts, and forms. You can easily create a user-friendly interface to interact with your data.
  • Write custom business logic
  • ToolJet provides the flexibility to write custom business logic using JavaScript or Python queries. You can add complex functionality and interact with the user interface of your application.
  • Secure your apps
  • ToolJet allows you to secure your apps with group and permissions settings. You can control access to your apps and ensure data privacy.


  • Connect to datasources
  • Easily connect to various data sources like databases, API endpoints, SaaS tools, and cloud object storage services.
  • Build queries
  • Use query builders or write JavaScript/Python queries to fetch and update data from connected data sources.
  • Build user interface
  • Drag and drop components like tables, charts, and forms to quickly build the user interface of your apps.
  • Bind data to UI
  • Bind data from queries to UI components to visualize and modify data in your apps.
  • Preview, release, and share apps
  • Preview your app, release it to production, and share it with others. Control access to your apps using group and permissions settings.