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Meet Thumbor, the brainy butler of image manipulation! This savvy service doesn't just crop and resize your snapshots; it's like having a personal image stylist ensuring your photos always look their Sunday best. With a keen eye for the 'wow' in your images, Thumbor uses some serious face-detection smarts to make sure Aunt Mabel's grin never gets the chop. Fancy a bit of photo pizzazz? Thumbor's got a filter lineup that's ready to jazz up your pics with everything from the classic grayscale to the ever-so-dramatic blur. And for the web performance aficionados, Thumbor is all about that WebP life, squeezing your images into sleeker, faster-loading packages. Whether your images are chilling in the cloud or hiding in your hard drive, Thumbor's like a Swiss Army knife for your pixels, ready to store, load, and serve them up with a side of smart-cropping. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be flipping and filtering at a cost that keeps your wallet just as happy as your images!



  • Smart Image Cropping
  • Thumbor uses advanced face detection technology to crop images around detected faces, ensuring the most important parts of the picture are preserved.
  • Flexible Image Loading and Storage
  • Thumbor allows users to store and load images from anywhere, with support for various loaders and storages. Users can also implement their own loaders or storages.
  • Image Filtering
  • Thumbor supports image filters that can be applied to images for post-processing. Users can chain and apply filters in order to enhance their images.
  • WebP Support
  • Thumbor supports the WebP image format, which compresses images better than JPEG and PNG. This can significantly improve website performance.


  • Easy Integration
  • Thumbor provides comprehensive libraries and plugins in multiple languages, making it easy for developers to integrate and use the service.
  • Decoupled Imaging
  • Thumbor decouples imaging from storage and loading, allowing users to tailor the service to their own infrastructure requirements.
  • Efficient Image Management
  • Thumbor simplifies image management tasks, such as resizing and cropping, saving time and effort for designers and project managers.