Imagine a digital butler, Sonarr, who's obsessed with keeping your TV show collection in tip-top shape. This PVR (Personal Video Recorder) is like a ninja navigating the wilds of Usenet and BitTorrent, on a mission to hunt down new episodes of your binge-worthy series. It doesn't just grab them; it sorts, renames, and if it's feeling generous, upgrades them to a shinier quality when available. With its handy-dandy calendar, you'll never miss an episode drop again, and its manual search is like a treasure map to the release of your choice. Tired of downloads that fail more than a cardboard umbrella? Sonarr's got your back, blocking the duds and finding the studs. It plays nice with SABnzbd, NZBGet, Kodi, and Plex, and is as comfortable on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi as a cat in a sunbeam. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll save enough to treat yourself to a popcorn feast for your next TV marathon!



  • Automated TV Show Management
  • Sonarr is a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that automates the process of downloading your favorite TV shows. It monitors multiple RSS feeds for new episodes and grabs, sorts, and renames them for your convenience.
  • Quality Upgrades
  • Sonarr can be configured to automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available. This ensures you always have the best viewing experience possible.
  • Failed Download Handling
  • With Sonarr, failed downloads become a thing of the past. The app automatically blocks problematic releases and tries another one until it finds one that works, saving you time and frustration.


  • Calendar
  • See all your upcoming episodes in one convenient location. This feature allows you to keep track of your shows and never miss an episode.
  • Manual Search
  • Find all the releases, choose the one you want and send it right to your download client. This gives you full control over what you download.
  • Episode Renaming
  • Sonarr offers fully configurable episode renaming. This feature helps you to keep your library organized in the way you prefer.
  • Integration
  • Sonarr provides full integration with SABnzbd and NZBGet, as well as with Kodi and Plex for notifications, library updates, and metadata.
  • Support for Specials and Multi-Episode Releases
  • Sonarr fully supports specials and multi-episode releases, ensuring you get every piece of content you want from your favorite shows.