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Get ready to unleash the chatbot of your dreams with Botpress, the ultimate playground for crafting AI sidekicks that'll make Siri jealous. Wave goodbye to boring bots and hello to dazzling dialogues with our visual flow editor that's as easy to use as a toddler's coloring book. Botpress is like having Shakespeare in your back pocket, with ChatGPT's silver-tongued skills ensuring your bot's banter is always top-notch. Dive into a treasure trove of GPT-first gadgets, from mood-reading sentiment analysis to a self-improvement feature that's more relentless than a personal trainer. And with a babel of over 100 languages, your chatbot will be charming users from Timbuktu to Tokyo. Fancy a one-click wonder? Botpress deploys your digital pal faster than you can say 'OpenAI'. Crafting bots that could pass for human has never been a walk in the park—until now, that is!



  • Efficient Chatbot Building
  • Botpress allows you to build next-generation chatbots powered by OpenAI quickly and efficiently. It simplifies the chatbot building process, making it accessible even to those without extensive AI knowledge.
  • Customizable Templates
  • With over 100+ fully customizable templates, Botpress provides a jumpstart to your project. Whether you need a chatbot for shopping assistance, health appointments, or banking support, there's a template ready for you.
  • Global Reach
  • Botpress breaks language barriers by automatically translating to 100+ languages. This feature allows you to launch your chatbot globally, reaching users in their preferred language.
  • Easy Deployment
  • With Botpress, you can deploy your chatbot across various channels with just one click. This feature ensures that you can meet your users wherever they are.


  • Visual Flow Editor
  • Botpress comes with an intuitive, visual flow editor that brings your users’ conversations to life. It handles exception handling & deviations, allowing you to focus on building your happy paths.
  • AI Task Augment
  • With the AI Task feature, you can control the power of LLMs to automate processes & execute complex workflows. This feature liberates ChatGPT from its chat bubble to take action.
  • Bot Personality
  • Botpress allows you to customize your chatbot's personality. By providing a description, your chatbot will speak on brand in every interaction with your users.
  • GPT-Native Suite
  • Leverage the power of GPT with Botpress. It offers GPT-first tools & features like dynamic knowledge ingestion, sentiment analysis, automatic self-improvement, data enhancements, and AI recommendations.