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Get ready to be the maestro of your very own digital symphony with HumHub! This open-source social network kit is like a Swiss Army knife for online collaboration, letting you craft a bespoke social universe. Whether you're a business guru aiming to elevate your empire, a customer service wizard creating a support haven, or a football coach organizing your team's tactics, HumHub's your go-to sidekick. Picture a user interface so intuitive, it's like it reads your mind, and a module system so flexible, it's practically doing yoga. Extend, bend, and blend it with third-party magic or your own genius inventions. With HumHub, you're the captain of your data ship, sailing in the vast ocean of the internet with full control of your server. Share files like you're tossing frisbees in the park, get 'likes' that feel like high-fives, and comment like you're the town's most beloved chatterbox. Create 'Spaces' that are more inviting than a cozy campfire for group chit-chats, and tailor your profile to be as unique as your fingerprint. Connect with fellow humans, discover skillful allies, and modify your HumHub experience to fit like Cinderella's slipper. Live updates will keep you as current as the morning news, while notifications ensure you're as in-the-know as a secret agent. With a dashboard that's your personal command center, user profiles that tell more tales than a library, and a search function that's like a treasure map to hidden gems, you're all set. And hey, it's mobile-ready, so you can take your social network on a stroll, anywhere, anytime. Hosting on RepoCloud? That's the cherry on top, giving you all these goodies at a cost that's as sweet as grandma's apple pie. So why wait? Start your HumHub hubbub on RepoCloud today!



  • Open Source
  • HumHub is a completely open-source platform, allowing you to take advantage of the work already done and even improve upon it. It welcomes every suggestion or help.
  • Flexible
  • HumHub is equipped with a powerful module system. You can extend its functionality by using third-party tools, writing your own, or connecting existing software.
  • Secure
  • HumHub is a self-hosted solution that runs on almost every server. You are in full control of your data, ensuring your privacy and security.
  • Customizable
  • With HumHub, you can create your own customized social network, social intranet, or large social enterprise application that truly fits your needs.


  • Social Communication
  • Communicate like you already do in other social networks, just with your own rules. Write posts and updates, share files, like and comment just the way you want it.
  • Spaces
  • The communication in HumHub works with spaces. A space can be anything, a project, a group or just a simple topic. For every space, you can invite multiple users and set up your own access rights and rules.
  • Digital V-Card
  • Extend your profile, create your portfolio, connect with other people, find the right person with special skills, inform your followers with updates on your own wall.
  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • With modules, you can modify anything on HumHub. Spaces, Profiles and other things according to your requirements. Anything you are missing on other social networks, you can build it.
  • Live Updates
  • Stay informed about upcoming features and be amongst the first to know about them.
  • Mobile Ready
  • HumHub is designed to work with all kinds of modern devices like smartphones and tablets, ensuring you can stay connected wherever you are.