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Introducing Commento++, the superhero of comment widgets, swooping in to save your static website from the clutches of slow-loading, ad-cluttered comment systems! This nifty piece of open-source wizardry is not just free; it's a featherweight champion, packing a punch with Markdown muscle, Disqus import agility, and a black belt in spam-fu. Upvote your favorite brainwaves, moderate with the might of Thor's hammer, and stick those golden comments right where they belong. Lock threads tighter than Fort Knox and let your users log in with the magic of OAuth. But wait, there's more! Hot-reload gossip like it's the latest celeb tweet and get email alerts faster than a speeding bullet. And the best part? Commento++ is a privacy ninja – no ads, no trackers, just pure, unadulterated chit-chat. Deploy this bad boy with a heroic click to Heroku, or self-host for the ultimate power trip. With RepoCloud, you'll be hosting Commento++ faster than you can say 'Look, up in the sky!' – and at a price that'll make your wallet leap tall buildings in a single bound.



  • Privacy-Friendly
  • Commento++ is designed with user privacy in mind. It respects your privacy and does not display any advertisements.
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Commento++ is significantly lighter and faster than other comment box alternatives. It ensures a smooth user experience without slowing down your website.
  • Customizable
  • With Commento++, you have the freedom to deploy your own instance and self-host for maximum control. It also offers a prettier comments box compared to other open-source alternatives.


  • Markdown Support
  • Commento++ supports Markdown, allowing users to format their comments with ease.
  • Import from Disqus
  • If you're switching from Disqus, Commento++ makes it easy for you to import your existing comments.
  • Voting
  • Users can vote on comments, promoting engagement and interaction within your website.
  • Automated Spam Detection
  • Commento++ integrates with Askimet and Perspective for automated spam detection, keeping your comments section clean and relevant.
  • Moderation Tools
  • Commento++ provides moderation tools, allowing you to manage and control the comments on your website.
  • Sticky Comments and Thread Locking
  • You can make important comments sticky or lock threads when necessary.
  • OAuth Login and Single Sign-On
  • Users can log in using their Google, Github, or Twitter accounts for convenience.
  • Hot-Reloading of Comments
  • Comments are automatically updated in real-time, ensuring that users always see the latest comments.
  • Email Notifications
  • Users receive email notifications about new comments, keeping them engaged and encouraging them to return to your website.