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Introducing Isso: the featherweight champion in the world of commenting platforms, ready to knock out the heavyweight Disqus with a one-two punch of Python and JavaScript! Imagine a world where your website visitors can sprinkle their thoughts like fairy dust across your pages, all while staying as incognito as a superhero in disguise. That's right, Isso supports anonymous commentary, so your users' secret identities are safe with us. And for those who like to express themselves with a bit of pizzazz, Markdown is on the menu, allowing for comments as stylish as a tuxedo at a tech gala. But wait, there's more! Commenters can ninja-edit or vanish their own words within a 15-minute window – talk about power at your fingertips! Behind the scenes, Isso is powered by SQLite, treating your precious comments like treasured keepsakes rather than just another byte in the Big Data universe. Want to switch from Disqus or WordPress? Isso rolls out the red carpet for your existing comments, ensuring a migration as smooth as a hoverboard ride. Embedding Isso is as easy as pie, with just a single JavaScript file standing between you and comment nirvana. And let's not forget, hosting Isso on RepoCloud won't break the bank – it's like finding a luxury suite at the price of a backpacker's hostel. So why wait? Give your website the gift of gab with Isso on RepoCloud today!



  • Lightweight Commenting Server
  • Isso is a lightweight commenting server that offers a simple and efficient way to manage comments on your website. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus, providing a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • Maintains User Anonymity
  • Unlike other commenting systems, Isso allows for anonymous comments, ensuring the privacy of your website visitors. It maintains user identity without recording personal information like IP addresses or email.
  • Easy Integration
  • Isso uses JavaScript and cross-origin resource sharing for easy integration into static websites. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used with a wide range of web platforms.


  • Markdown Support
  • Isso supports comments written in Markdown, allowing users to format their comments in a way that is both easy to write and read.
  • Comment Moderation
  • With Isso, comments in the moderation queue are not publicly visible before activation. This gives you control over what is displayed on your website.
  • User Comment Management
  • Users can edit or delete their own comments within a default window of 15 minutes. This gives users the ability to correct or remove their comments as needed.
  • Disqus & WordPress Import
  • Isso allows for easy migration of your Disqus or WordPress comments without any hassle. This makes transitioning to Isso a smooth process.
  • SQLite Backend
  • Isso uses an SQLite backend, demonstrating that comments are not Big Data and can be managed efficiently and effectively.