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Get ready to turbocharge your coding escapades with Verdaccio – the Node.js ninja of npm proxy registries! This feather-light powerhouse transforms your development workflow into a streamlined dream. Say 'adios' to complex setups with Verdaccio's zero-configuration local NPM sanctuary, where databases are as unnecessary as a screen door on a submarine. With its own mini-database, Verdaccio not only plays nice with npmjs.org by proxying like a pro, but it also stashes your downloaded treasures for lightning-fast access. Keep your precious code under wraps while still enjoying the npm package party. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but with code – and who doesn't love cake? Link up a multitude of registries, snag packages from various sources, and even strut your stuff with locally tweaked third-party packages. Whether you're an npm, yarn, or pnpm devotee, Verdaccio speaks your language. Plus, with plugin prowess for extra storage swagger, hosted on RepoCloud's wallet-friendly platform, you'll be the envy of the open-source ocean!



  • Private Package Management
  • Easily use private packages in your company without sending code to the public.
  • Multiple Registries
  • Fetch packages from multiple sources in one project by chaining registries.
  • Caching and Failover
  • Decrease latency and provide limited failover by caching the npmjs.org registry.
  • Override Public Packages
  • Use modified versions of 3rd-party packages by publishing your own version locally.


  • Private NPM Registry
  • A lightweight Node.js private proxy registry for managing npm packages.
  • Zero-Config Required
  • No need for an entire database, comes with its own tiny database out of the box.
  • Proxy Other Registries
  • Ability to proxy other registries like npmjs.org and cache downloaded modules.
  • Extendable Storage
  • Supports community-made plugins to hook into services like Amazon's S3 or Google Cloud Storage.