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Introducing PsiTransfer – your new best friend for flinging files across the digital universe without forking over your hard-earned cash to the cloud giants. Imagine a world where you can catapult colossal files with the finesse of a stream – that's PsiTransfer for you! It's like having a digital boomerang; your uploads and downloads can resume right where they left off, so not even a hiccup in your internet can stop your file-sharing fiesta. Set your files to self-destruct with an expiry timer, or go full 'Mission Impossible' with one-time download links. Bundle up your bytes in a cozy zip or tar.gz blanket, and peek inside with a snazzy modal preview. And because we're all secret agents at heart, PsiTransfer's got your back with password-protected download dossiers. It's sleek, it's chic, and it's mobile-friendly, so you can share files on the fly. Plus, with PsiTransfer's savvy bucket IDs, you can keep your uploads as organized as a squirrel with its nuts. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be the file-sharing maverick of the open-source world, all while keeping your wallet as full as your files are large!



  • Effortless File Sharing
  • PsiTransfer is a simple, open-source, self-hosted file sharing solution. It provides an easy and efficient way to share files without the need for accounts or logins.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • The app has a responsive interface that is mobile-friendly, making it easy to use on any device.
  • Secure and Private
  • With PsiTransfer, your files are protected. You can set an expire-time for your upload bucket and even password protect your download list.


  • Supports Large Files
  • PsiTransfer supports the sharing of many and very large files, making it a great solution for all your file sharing needs.
  • Resumable Uploads and Downloads
  • The app supports resumable up- and downloads, ensuring that you can pick up where you left off if your connection is interrupted.
  • One-Time Downloads
  • PsiTransfer allows for one-time downloads, ensuring that your files are only accessed when you want them to be.
  • Download All Files as Archive
  • With PsiTransfer, you can download all files as a zip/tar.gz archive, making it easier to manage and organize your downloads.
  • File Preview
  • PsiTransfer offers a modal-style file preview, allowing you to view your files before downloading them.