Introducing HedgeDoc, the digital garden where your markdown ideas bloom collaboratively! Formerly strutting the internet as CodiMD, this open-source marvel transforms your browser into a hive of real-time, co-authored brilliance. Picture this: you're crafting notes, spinning graphs, and conjuring presentations with the ease of a wizard, while your team hops onto your note-link like it's the hottest party in cyberspace. And where does this shindig take place? Right on your own digital turf, because HedgeDoc keeps your data snug as a bug on your server. But wait, there's more! Slide into presentation mode and watch your markdown morph into a visual feast, or dabble with a smorgasbord of graphs, diagrams, and multimedia magic. Fear not the power-hungry permissions ogre, for HedgeDoc tames it with a slick system that's easier to manage than your coffee order. And if you ever have a 'whoopsie-daisy' moment, just time-travel back to a happier version of your notes. The cherry on top? This feature-stuffed firecracker runs smoother than a greased otter on hardware as humble as a Raspberry Pi. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be saving more coins than a level of Super Mario, all while basking in the glory of open-source camaraderie!



  • Real-time Collaboration
  • HedgeDoc allows you to collaborate on notes, graphs, and presentations in real-time. Simply share your note-link with your co-workers and they’re ready to go.
  • Data Control
  • Being a self-hosted solution, HedgeDoc gives you complete control over your data. Your notes and documents stay on your server, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Web-based Solution
  • HedgeDoc is a web-based application, meaning you don’t need to install extra software. The editor runs smoothly in your browser, making it accessible from anywhere.


  • Presentation Mode
  • HedgeDoc comes with a presentation mode that allows you to build and present slides in markdown. It's powered by reveal.js, providing a seamless presentation experience.
  • Graphs & Diagrams
  • HedgeDoc supports many types of graphs, diagrams, and embedded content. This makes it a versatile tool for visualizing data and ideas.
  • Easy Permission System
  • HedgeDoc features an easy-to-use permission system. You can manage the permissions of your notes with a simple dropdown selection.
  • Revisions
  • HedgeDoc keeps track of changes to your notes and allows you to revert to any older version. This feature ensures you never lose important information.
  • Low System Requirements
  • HedgeDoc doesn’t require much resources. It runs smoothly even on low-powered devices like a Raspberry Pi.